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BC Sculpties and things...

Bethi Catteneo Sculpties and things.. provides Builders Supplies, Erotic Statues, Mesh and Sculpts, Full Perm Sculpts, Sculpty Kits, Builder Kits, Animals, Furniture, Weapons, Cars, Car Shells, Lowriders, Vehicle Parts, Car Sounds, Hydraulics Sculpted Wheels, plus much more.


Landmark  Essensual Sculptures &

Landmark  Primbusters Mall & Primbusters SculptyMart


Gothic's Musings consists of any product I feel like building and think someone might like to buy - generally Victorian Steampunk and whimsical styled furnishings, decor, clothing and gadgets: the results of my strange and messy mind! ;)

What a Mesh! sells full-perm building supplies and builders' aids, NOT ONLY mesh, but also sculpts, textures, and other things builders might need or want.

Owner: Gothicmuse Resident



.:UR:. Building Components - High Quality Full Perm Mesh

:.UR:. has been offering quality items at affordable prices since 2007. .:UR:. now offers a wide range of full perm meshes to satisfy a varied array of tastes. ALL mesh on sale guaranteed to be full permissions! The store is arranged into sections to make shopping easier with a superb selection of 60L sales, organized categories, and easy browsing experience. 

Please see the store info board near the entrance of the store for details on how to join our group, our VIP group, and more information on any other current activities .:UR:. is involved in. 

Thank you so much for taking an interest in .:UR:.!

Nashari Hynes





Timless Textures - High Quality, Low Prices

Timeless Textures has been offering quality textures at affordable prices since February 2007. Timeless offers a wide range of texture styles to satisfy a varied array of tastes and build requirements. ALL textures on sale are either Seamless and/or Alpha. The store is arranged into sections to make shopping easier with a superb selection of Sales items, free samples and Midnight Mania Board & Sit n Win table at the landing point to provide you with excellent bargains, FREE Samples and gifts from the moment you arrive in the store. 

Please see the store Info Hub near the Midnight Mania Board and Landing point for details on how to join our group, receive a free gift, our EULA (End User License Agreement) and more information on Hunts, how the store teleport system works etc etc. Thank you so much for taking an interest in Timeless Textures. I wish you the very best in your creative endeavours and hope Timeless Textures can be a part of them!

Xzavia Yifu

Timeless Textures


Tool Shed Building Supplies

Building supplies for Second Life™, and InWorldz creators.

Tool Shed offers full perm items for content creators to use in the virtual world of Second Life™.

Please see our “User License Agreement” for terms of use on our products.

Tool Shed’s main creator/designer is Fallacy DeCuir.

All inquiries are best directed to Fallacy DeCuir. 

Clutter For Builders

Clutter for Builders specializes in textures and sculpt kits for builders with full perms (builder's permissions). Browse our selection of wood textures, fabric textures, upholstery textures, organic textures, sculpt kits and more.

-BC- Products and Primbusters

Full Perm Sculpties Builder Kits Sculpts Cars Tattoos Lowriders Animals Farm Car Sounds Sculpts Vehicle Parts Guided Tours.


[zED]ge-NeticS... genetically enhanced system tools and content evolution since 2011.

Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps

Resource sculpties for builders, creators, jewelers, and entrepreneurs. One of the leaders in nano-sculpt technology: incredibly smooth shapes at amazingly small sizes. 

A pioneer in nano-sculpt technology; clean shapes at amazingly small sizes. Live demos available. 

Small nano micro tiny sculpts for jewelry clothing hair build .. symbols and shapes for Romance, Wicca, Fantasy, Gorean, Asian, Celtic, Gothic, Judaica, Landscaping. 

Katy's Kreations Full Perm Sculpties, Mesh & Textures

Aesthetic and affordable mesh furniture and sculptie furniture at the new Katy's Kreations Main Shop. See the sculpties and mesh models before you buy them. Some of the best quality and most reasonably priced sculpties and mesh models for furniture designer and builders. All sculpts and meshes are also supplied as mod/copy examples.




Black Tulip

Bringing your Imagination to Life: Scripts, animations, mesh, sculpts, textures, business and education tools, and the most complete books with tutorials about creating in SL.